Yes, it is finally here, the ultra-luxurious of golf tournaments has arrived.

In this article, I will give you some details, but, it will be difficult make a comparison, because, in Spain, there is nothing like it, not even close.

There are luxury tournaments, great tournaments with excellent organization.

Then, there is the tournament about which I will tell you.

Where price is not an issue.

A tournament that has never been organized before, something completely different from what you are accustomed to.

When I tell you the name, you will not recognize it. But… from now on? You Will.

Get used to hearing the name of: Emerald Golf Tour

Emerald Golf Tour.-

Let me start at the end, however illogical.

Hole in One prizes of the Emerald Golf Tour.

A Mercedes with a minimum value of €200,000 to be presented at the gala diners for each of its members.

€100,000 in an account to the users name

A Set of Honma clubs valued at €64,000 to be presented at the Gala diner

An Audermars Piguet watch at an approximate value of €50,000

Don’t worry, this is only to get you talking.

You can see everything on the website, by clicking on this link…SPECIAL HOLE IN ONE – PRIZE

As you will be able to see, at a tournament of this type, depending on how you look at it, the prizes are of the least importance, or not.

The most important about the Emerald Golf Tour is something else:

The people playing the tournament.

It is all about the unique and once in a lifetime experience, in which everything that can exist in a professional golf tournament is within reach of the players, this is a different league.

I thought this type of tournaments didn’t exist, and yet, after having been presented this project a few months ago, I can tell you it does, and words cannot describe it.

By the way, by clicking on this link, I will show you more prizes -> GENERAL PRIZES CEREMONY

The courses where the Emerald Golf Tour 2018 will be played.

The first round will be played June 29 and 30 in Madrid.

Golf Santander is the opening course for this spectacular golf circuit.

September 14 and 15, it will head to Barcelona.

At the Real Club de Golf El Prat.

The San Roque Club will have the honor to receive the penultimate test of the Emerald Golf Tour on October 26 and 27.

And, it will come to an end at the Sevillian course of the Real Club de Golf Sevilla on December 1 and 2.

I believe there is one more surprise.


If I told you that the players themselves were to decide where the International Final takes place, you would go crazy, right?

The same happened to me.

I have to bite my tongue so not to tell you more, and I don’t want to, neither should I.

What is the difference between this tournament and the rest?

It is simple and at the same time complicated to explain.


You will see that, after the little I have shared with you, they will comply 100%.

There is no tournament where this kind of environment exists, I can assure you that!

Did I catch your attention? If the answer is “yes”, see here my email.